Daily Animal Awesomeness

Exercise of the Week: Landmine Squat to 1-arm Press

Anyone who’s followed this blog for any section of hour knows that I’m a fan of landmine press for a number of reasons 😛 TAGEND

1. As a” free scapula” pressing exercise, they’re an effective course to instruct scapular upward rotation.

2. They’re much more shoulder friendly than overhead presses.

3. They provide a great core stability challenge.

4. You can implement a lot of selection in terms of stance( tall/ half-kneeling, standing, split-stance, rotational, etc) and lower mas contributions. This week’s peculiarity is a great spotlit in this respect 😛 TAGEND

This drill is appropriate as a first exert on a full body epoch and pairs well with horizontal or horizontal draw. I really like it late in the offseason when we’re trying to keep sessions a bit shorter and get additional blow for our educate buck. I’d do establishes of 3-5 reps per side.

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