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Exercise of the Week: 1-leg Side Bridge

A lot of parties write off side bridges as “too easy” without considering that there are actually a lot of progressions we are capable of hire to see them more advanced. To that extremity, I really like the one-leg place connect with the top leg on a bench as a great action to “own” the frontal plane.

A few tones 😛 TAGEND

1. Make sure the body originates a straight line from the heading to the heel.

2. If “youre feeling” any annoyance on the inside of the knees, it’s because you’ve set up incorrectly or exactly aren’t strong enough to do this movement.

3. Imagine the load distribution being 50/50 between the two points of contact( forearm and foot ).

4. I’ll often program this as 3-5 breathers( with a full evaporate) per side in each set.

5. Commonly, I’ll include this as part of a D1/ D2 pairing at the end of a set seminar. Generally, it’ll be preceded by some sort of anti-extension core effort like a rollout or fallout.


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