Daily Animal Awesomeness

Black Friday/Cyber Monday for the Win!

Everyone on the planet is having a Black Friday sale this week, so we figured we wouldn’t even attempt to keep you in suspense on this one. With that in brain, you can save 25% on the following documents products through Cyber Monday at midnight. Just click on the links below to learn more and add them to your go-cart – and THE DISCOUNT WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY APPLIED AT CHECKOUT( even though it is don’t show up on the sales sheet, trust me; they’re revised ):

The High Performance Handbook: Commonly $129.99 golden and $99.99 silver-tongued , now $97.50 and $75.00, respectively.

Functional Stability Training: Individual Programs or a Bundle Pack: Naturally $129.99 per component , now $97.50( and with even larger deductions for buying the entire series ).

Study Shoulder Solutions: Ordinarily $149.99 , now $112.50

Understanding and Coaching the Anterior Core: naturally $14.99 , now $11.25

Everything Elbow: naturally 12.99 , now $9.75

The Ultimate Off-Season Training Manual: commonly $49.99 , now $37.50.

The Art of the Deload: ordinarily $12.99 , now $9.75

Enjoy – and thank you for your reinforce!

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